October 2023 News

October Announcment

It’s finally time to answer the question you’ve all been asking: When is Battle Nations coming back? The team has been hard at work the last couple of months developing proof of concepts to ensure smooth development (Make sure to check out Boris’ dev blog linked at the end!). To that end, we are now comfortable providing information on our internal timeline. We are excited to announce that the closed Patreon beta for Battle Nations will launch Summer 2024! Following that, we are aiming for our public v1 release at the end of 2024. The initial release will be scoped down to mainly single-player mechanics including missions, PVE, and base building but also raids and occupations with your friends. The reason we’re doing this is because we believe live matchmaking PvP, Guilds, and Guild Events need an overhaul before releasing them to better ensure balanced gameplay and provide a more engaging experience overall. Thus delaying the release of those mechanics will give us the time we need to properly overhaul them and deliver the best possible experience to you all. Finally, we can confirm that beta progress is planned to carry over into the official release.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to those who have generously donated to our project on Patreon, even without a playable build over the past year, especially those manually editing their contributions to exceed our highest tier of $15 over the recent months and beyond, contributing significantly towards paying our ongoing costs. Your support has been a cornerstone of our progress thus far. 

In light of this, we’ve gone back to the drawing board with our Patreon tiers to better provide value to our Patrons contributing above and beyond. Following extensive dialogue and feedback from our donors, we are thrilled to unveil our updated tier structure on Patreon, now enriched with a mix of both digital and physical rewards! Our talented artists are working hard on finalizing the designs for the merch and we look forward to sharing them soon.

Please note that while the physical merchandise will be dispatched near the official launch date, certain digital perks like the nanopod supply drops will commence accumulation from now. These will be accessible during the exclusive donor beta phase, ensuring there’s a reward for those jumping in to support us even before the beta is out.

We also want to give a heads-up that physical merch will require 4 months of donation at or above the tier you are aiming for. This was determined based on the cost of goods and domestic shipping so we unfortunately cannot go any lower than this. Furthermore, to ensure we have enough time to procure and assemble the merch boxes, we have set August 2024 as the cutoff date for physical merch. This means if you are interested in the physical merch offerings, you will need to begin donating in May 2024 to hit the 4-month minimum.

Head over to Patreon to check out our new tiers! Your support goes a long way towards the revival of Battle Nations and for that, we are truly grateful.

You can find more detailed information and examples about eligibility requirements here.

Your continued support propels us forward, and we’re eager to share our progress with you. As such, we’re also putting up one of our previously Patreon exclusive dev blogs on our website which you can read here!